I overhauled the blog today. Just working hard as usual, teaching, freelancing, and learning how to be a dad.  Good news is my book is finally done and in the market — hit the shelves last month.




I’ve been busy.  This is my personal blog — I’ve been swamped with my freelance editing business, which is a very good thing.

And my wife is expecting twins!  March 5.  I’m working on a website for the little trouble makers.

Well, I haven’t posted in a while. My freelance business has been keeping me very busy, and with all the other stuff going on in life…

Since I have posted last, I have edited more than a dozen books, ghostwritten a handful more, and I have helped TONs of first time fiction authors with proposals, reviews, synopses, and everything else that they need. I’m a contractor with two writing agencies that have provided me with some pretty big jobs.

I’m between the “bigger” contracts right now, so I’m trying to cram all of the little projects in before I am swamped.

I am also on faculty at two universities – Wayland Baptist and St. Leo’s – both for adjunct religion courses online. My first semester at Wayland is finished on Sunday. So I’ve taught a whole course since I’ve last posted. Teaching was amazing – much better than being a student.

In the meantime, my own book is slowly making its way through Wipf and Stock.

Anyway, I am editing, writing, and proofreading just as fast as I can get contracts – mostly through Guru. I have definitely come to respect small business owners throughout this journey.

As you can see on this website, I am utilizing my experience and talents in many ways as a scholar, minister, and author.

As a scholar, I have recently completed a book proposal to Wipf and Stock to publish a revised version of my dissertation, “Reading 1 Corinthians with Philosophically Educated Women.”

As an ordained minister, I am seeking a church and serving as needed in other congregations.

As an author, I am freelancing my services as a researcher, writer, proofreader, editor, and reviewer.

I love being busy with all this stuff!